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◎ Application introduction:

Taiwan gourmet is full of charm, especially the snacks in night market are famous worldwide, they are the distinctive food culture of Taiwan. In northern Taiwan, Shilin night market is the largest and most famous night market in the world, there are many traditional Taiwan snacks, for example: oyster omelet, small bun wrapped in large bun, small sausage wrapped in large sausage, ShiQuan ribs stewed in Chinese herbal medicine, squid thick soupÖ. etc, and there are also full of exotic snacks, you will never forget. So come on to Shilin night market, not only it satisfied your stomach, you can also understand Taiwan culture, letís go to Shilin night Market with the application!

◎ The characteristic of the application:
1、The travel map of Shilin night market.
2、The essence famous snacks in Shilin night market.
3、The recommended tourist attraction in Shilin.
4、The introduction of both pictures and articles.
5、The gourmet and travel information provided by local Taiwanese that you cannot miss.

◎ Other version:
1、Simple Chinese version:iTunes Store
2、Traditional Chinese version:iTunes Store
3、Japan version: iTunes Store