Take aim, shoot and fire with Reds from Macsoftex! It's your job to take out the Red balls in each of the exciting 60 levels.

Time to decide your speed, height and trajectory whilst you tactically find ways to work your way through each beautifully designed level.

However with each level comes new challenges and new obstacles which will try and prevent you for completing your mission. It's down to you to decide the perfect shot.

This is a very easy to pick up and play game, which you can help you pass those minutes or hours on the move, at home, in the office etc. You will soon be addicted trying to achieve that perfect shot!

★ Key features ★

✓ 4 challenging worlds (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
✓ 60 exciting levels
✓ Static and dynamic objects
✓ Full support for retina display
✓ Game Center Support
✓ Creative setups and challenging puzzles

iTunes Link: Reds from Macsoftex!