Is it just me or is updating paid for programs using the app store a real pain if you use categories? I am at the point now where if I see an update available in the app store I wait until I am connected to itunes before I even attempt it and... I make sure I move the app out of it's folder before hand as well, otherwise I am 4 for 4 in crashing, not working, stuck in a loop etc. Live poker won't reinstall on my phone for nothing. I had it, tried to update it, got stuck, connected to itunes, deleted it, but it didn't delete on the phone, app store kept trying to reinstall it, I used ssh and found the 878354-34f43a-2334 folder and deleted that, but the iphone still thinks it's installed, I can't reinstall it and I can't delete it. I am thankful it's only that one program at the moment but I am also incredibly paranoid to update any other of my apps. Is it just me or are others having these issues too?