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Discuss New Generation TD Game for iPhone/iPod Touch – Pigs VS Wolves at the AppStore Software -; “Pigs VS Wolves”, an addictive TD game for iPhone/iPod Touch, is now released on App ...
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    Default New Generation TD Game for iPhone/iPod Touch – Pigs VS Wolves

    “Pigs VS Wolves”, an addictive TD game for iPhone/iPod Touch, is now released on App Store. This game designed by Digiarty Software features dynamic gameplay and is available now for $1.99 only.

    As the name of the game suggests, it’s a fantastic game beginning with the war between pigs and wolves. This game presents a new generation TD game in the 2D game world with unexpected challenges. Comparing with the traditional TD game, it is designed with much powerful defense capability as well as fierce confrontation.

    iTune Link: iTunes Store video link: YouTube - New Generation TD Game for iPhone/iPod Pigs VS Wolves Hot on App Store


    You’ll be in charge of the pigs’ destiny. This game requires you to adopt different strategies to defense the wolves’ attack for each level by generating gold coin, choosing characters, using defensive props, etc. 15 species of pigs are involved in this war, each with a unique play style. And 11 types of wolves are also offered to attack the pigs in changeable way.

    As a constructive game, it creates plenty of different levels with a variety of barriers that are perfect for users who are seeking for the highest point of difficulty. What’s more, its variability of the scene makes it hard to estimate what will happen next minute.

    Pigs VS Wolves created 15 different species of pigs for players to against with 11 different types of Wolves. 2 play modes are available for players to choose.

    15 different species pigs can be divided into 3 parts:
    A: Generators, generate gold coins to purchase and build units
    B: Defense wolves’ attack
    C: Attack wolves

    11 different types of wolves can be divided into 2 parts
    A: Remote attack
    B: Melee attack

    2 Play Modes
    A: Classic Mode, the challenge is not difficult. Each level is more challenging than the last.
    B: Survival Mode, it is harder. You even have no time to have a break. Beat your best!

    To protect the pigs and win the war, you must ensure the resources are well arranged in proper position, the right way is chosen to assort the defense and offense characters, as well as fast action. So the ability of customizing combination for greater offense and defense provides fantastic replay value.

    Pigs VS Wolves is a high-valued iPhone game, bringing new level of quality and control to the general game player. Besides, the graphics are also so good and satisfying. You will get a surprisingly, remarkably TD game experience in this game.

    Game Features:

    New generation TD game
    Stunning cartoon graphics and smooth animations
    Beautiful background music and picture
    One-thumb casual game, easy to control
    Easy to learn skills, difficult to master
    Full control the role at your will
    Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off


    Defend pigs’ home and keep your generator running for as long as you can
    15 different species of Pigs
    11 different species of Wolves
    You never know what will happen in the next seconds
    Match with different pigs can get different attack effect
    Mysterious and powerful boss
    Classic mode and survival mode offered for you to choose
    You lose if any wolf occupied pigs’ home

    Welcome all kinds of suggestions, feedback.

    For more information about the game please visit: SuperTank--3D games for iPhone iPod touch
    iTune Link: iTunes Store
    Youtube video link: YouTube - New Generation TD Game for iPhone/iPod Pigs VS Wolves Hot on App Store
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    Default Pigs VS Wolves --- Wolves’ Revenge

    They call me the bad villain, but my name was James Pond. A friend gave me the name long long ago. You must be familiar with my friend. I always remember that night. I saved a man with my blood, and later we became friends. But, he left, for a female. His name is James Bond. He also called himself 007, because I called him at that hard time.

    Why they call me bad villain? I don’t know. I own a large family and I am the leader. Because of the bad environment and depressing economy, our food is becoming less and less. Some of my family is starving, and my breakfast is even bread, without milk. I told this to my friend Bond via email. He said there are many pigs at somewhere north, but now he is in Casino Royale Las Vegas and can’t leave. So I gathered all my family and went to the place of pigs.

    I still can’t imagine the first attack. They beat us badly. We didn’t catch any pig and all of my guys were dead. Unbelievable! Michael, our scout said to me, “They use scarecrows block on the paths and use high-tech weapon, guns to shoot us. My lord, we need guns.” Fuck Michael, if we have money to buy guns, we don’t have to bite cold bread and drink dirty water. I need meat!!!

    You know what, when we wolves want to eat something, we will never give up. Especially the enemies are much weaker than us. Our warriors will take a lot of pork back this time. You wanna know the details? Log in the game, I will show you.

    Game Information:

    Name: Pigs VS. Wolves
    Type: Tower Defense, Casual
    Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch
    Cost: $1.99

    Tap to build units to defend.
    Tap to choose unit you want to build

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    Tell all of you a good piece of news! Now, you can get it with only $0.99! It's time-limited! You'd better hurry!



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