Join the Mobile Simplicity Street Team!

We are looking for a small group of passionate, trend-setting, well-informed early adopters to join the Mobile Simplicity Street Team.

What is Mobile Simplicity?
Mobile Simplicity (Mobile Simplicity - intuitive mobile applications) is the iPhone application development firm that created the top selling CraigsMobileList and leading Black Friday app BlackFridaySteals. Mobile Simplicity has a number of applications currently in development and many more planned for 2009. Mobile Simplicity’s design and development ethos is simple and intuitive, and we employ the best designers and developers to meet our vision.

What is the Street Team?
We are putting together a core team of individuals to help us be more in tune with the users of our applications. The Street Team will have access to breaking news and inside information on in-development projects, and will receive all Mobile Simplicity applications the day they are released (or before they are released) at no cost. And, you’ll receive all the swag related to Mobile Simplicity and our applications.

In addition to having an iPhone, we are looking for people with the following qualities:
• Loves iPhone apps
• Stays up-to-date on the latest mobile application news and releases
• Active in social networking
• Writes for a blog, or a frequent contributor to forums
• Is interested in getting a bunch of free apps and inside information

What do you want from me?
We are looking for individuals who will be participants in the design and development process. We will reach to our Street Team when considering different design and usability options. We may ask the team to test a new feature or a function. We also want our Street Team to use and review all our applications as soon as they are released. Finally, we would like our Street Team to be an extension of our voice on sites, forums and blogs.

How do I sign up?
If this sounds interesting to you email us at