Version: v1.0
Price: 0.99$
Languages: English, German, French, Russian
Available in: AppStore - [iTunes link]

Do you like playing games on your iPhone? Do you want to learn new vocabulary? Then LangBrickr is for you! With this app you can learn foreign languages while playing an exciting game! At the moment 4 languages are available: English, Russian, German and French. More are coming in the next updates!

What is Langbrickr?
Depending on the difficulty level, from 1 to 10 words appear in 16 bricks. Crash the bricks and earn points!

If you crash a brick wth a word in it, a foreign word with 4 variants of translation will appear. If you choose the right translation, the game continues. Otherwise, the word will be added to a special dictionary where all the words you don‘t know and their translations will be stored.

Main features:
✓ Easy gameplay and beautiful interface
✓ Simple rules that even a child can understand
✓ Retina display support
✓ English, Russian, French and German localizations
✓ More than 150 words in each language
✓ Three difficulty levels
✓ Special dictionary
✓ Accelerometer support

Buy LangBrickr and learn languages easily!

Hurry up! Low introductory price will be only for 5 days!