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The history of Chinese lasts over 5,000 years! The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most important Chinese traditional festivals. Do you know why Chinese people eat “zongzi” (rice dumplings) and row the dragon boat to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan on this day?

※Note: In 1953, World Peace Council praised Qu Yuan as one of the four global artists in literature.

Qu Yuan, one of the Chinese famous poets, was loyal to his country during his lifetime. However, he was framed by unfaithful court and was banished from the country. In 278 B.C., his country was destroyed. Qu Yuan was so disappointed that he committed suicide by drowning himself into the Milo River.

Hearing of Qu Yuan's suicide, the people rushed to row their boats in search of his body. At the same time, they threw rice dumplings into the water as a food to distract the fish away from Qu Yuan’s body. The legend has passed through centuries down to this day, people still eat rice dumplings and participate in dragon boat races to commemorate Qu Yuan’s sacrifice on the Duan Wu Festival.

“Dragon Boat Racing” application includes the complete story and introduces the types of dumplings, styles of dragon boats, and information of Miluo river. You will have a better understanding of Chinese culture via this application.

Through “Dragon Boat Racing” application, you will not only know the legend of Dragon Boat Festival, but also have a good time competing with your friends. Isn’t that funny?

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