Today, I have discovered a new service that we think you all might be interested in. The service is called free my apps, and with it, you can download some of the most popular applications for free. It works like this:
1. Visit this link on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
2. Tap on any of the sponsored applications and install the profile as prompted.
3. Go back to the site and click on the app again, then download it from the App Store.
4. After installation, open the app for at least 30 seconds.
5. Return to FreeMyApps, and go to the gift apps section.
6. You will now have “credits” to spend do you can get paid apps totally free!
The service works because developers pay to have their free app featured in the “sponsored” section, which enables the site to give you apps for free. To get started, just visit this link on your iPhone/iPod/iPad with the United States apple account.