A cool new app VIATUN 4 VPN
★★★ Introducing VIATUN 4 VPN ★★★

Fast and reliable. VPN you could trust.
* Enjoy fastest VPN – Do not lose your connection speed (streaming Youtube, Netflix, Pandora).
* Bypass restrictions, Use VOIP (Skype, Viber), Make your web connection secure and anonymous.
* Save up to 80% on your data plan.
* Get access to blocked or restricted websites.
* Built-in anti-virus, don't allow malware to crash your device.
* US and UK based servers.
SAVE ON TRAFFIC up to 80%. To maintain your connection speed we are using optimization and compression software. Fast browsing, check your savings on your personal page.
INTERNET SECURITY & PRIVACY: hide your IP, avoid spam and phishing, be protected.
BYPASS RESTRICTIONS: get access to blocked and banned web sites.
***Hide your real IP with VIATUN VPN. Free VPN for 3 days
***Enjoy secured web surfing (encrypted connection) with VIATUN VPN!
***Super Fast VPN as well as anti-virus protection from our VPN servers.
***Anti-virus protection of your device (smartphone) by VIATUN VPN.
***No traffic limits on VPN servers
- Access to blocked or restricted websites.
- Access to Skype and other VOIP blocked in your area.
- Access to blocked websites in corporate and other networks even behind restrictive firewalls.
- Hiding your real IP to make your web surfing anonymous.
- Security and anonymity with a secure encrypted connection between your device and Internet.
- Protection of your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection via public hotspots.
- Securing your device from external attacks by our servers’ firewall.
Save (even in roaming) while running ALL web applications you use in your mobile (ICQ, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Internet, opera web browser, opera mini web browser) with VIATUN VPN.

Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/viatun/id484774919?mt=8

Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...android4&hl=en

Available for Android and iOS only.
I recommend you to download this useful and awesome app.