Hey all. FingerEscaper HD has just been updated to v1.1.

The HD version supports up to 4 player on one device!!!

What's New in this Version:
Openfeint integration
Game difficulty balance adjusted

(Not only the intro of the game but also a lot of dev stuff there, I hope it's useful for you)

App Description:
Run away from all the enemies with your finger!
Simple but fun!
The goal of the game is to run away from all the enemies tring to catch from all over the screen.

You play the game with you finger.
Simply put your finger on the screen to start the escape.
Move your finger around the screen to run away from the enemies.

Gameplay Video (this is the iPhone version):

YouTube - "FingerEscaper" english version intro video

Screen shot:

Download here:

FingerEscaperHD v1.0 download link:
FingerEscaperHD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Thanks All!