Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that after four months of trying to get our newest version of CraigsMobileList though the approval process, it finally became available today. This release adds a LOT of features that have been missing. Unfortunately, dealing with trying to get this version through, has caused a big delay on moving forward with our other plans for this app, but now that it is behind us, we'll be hard at work bringing the functionality and other missing features up to speed and beyond!

Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

- Fixes CML handset compatibility issue (certain "special" phones were causing the app to crash)
- Embedded SMTP email (so you don't have to leave the app)
- Removed 100 result limit, view as many results as you want
- Addition of a Reset button on home screen to quickly reset all fields
- 'Email To A Friend' option
- Adds a 'Favorites' tab and the ability to favorite individual posts
- All categories and subcategories are now alphabetized
- Improved load times when searching or browsing
- Adds missing Alaska locations
- Fixes no result crash issue

Unfortunately, we had to remove the personals, adult gigs and erotic services section in order to comply with App Store decency policies. If you use our app for those sections, you may want to wait for a later update. Once we build an intelligent filtering mechanism, we'll get these back in there.

iTunes Link:
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