Hi all !

To celebrate the announcement of our next game, Hyperwave (a specific thread on the forum will be created soon!) we decided to start this contest. We have many promo codes available for all our games that are:

- Hyperlight (arcade shooter game)
- Jewel Cut (casual slice game)
- Ninja Slash! (run and slice game)
- Rainbow Trail (bubble shooter)
- Tiny Comet (casual flying game)

.. and would like to share them with you through a simple contest!
Are you interested? If yes, keep reading for the rules

The rules for this contest are the following:

1) Register to one of our social channel (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube):

-> Press "Like" on our Facebook page !
-> or follow us on Twitter !
-> or join our Youtube Channel !

2) This contest will start immediately (after the post) and lasts for 3 days.

3) Winners will be chosen randomly (at the end of the contest) from all the users that in these 3 days have liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter or Joined in our Youtube Channel.

4) And the prizes? Well, here they are:

* 1st Prize: 5 promo codes, one for each of our games !!!!
* 2nd Prize: 3 promo codes for Hyperlight, Ninja Slash and Tiny Comet !!!
* 3rd Prize: 2 promo codes for Hyperlight and Ninja Slash !!
* 4th Prize: 1 promo code chosen randomly from one of our games !

5) Regarding the number of winners, prizes will be distributed as follows:

- 2 Winners for 1st Prizes !
- 5 Winners for 2nd Prizes !
- 10 Winners for 3rd Prizes !
- 15 Winners for 4th Prizes !

The winners will be chosen randomly following the above order (first two winners for the 1st prizes, then five winners for the second and so on).

Sooo... here we go!
Good luck.

CatfishBlues Games