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Discuss cannot open applications at the AppStore Software -; guys i need help...!!! i tried a lot to run 3rd party applications on my ...
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    Default cannot open applications

    guys i need help...!!!

    i tried a lot to run 3rd party applications on my iphone i just cant open them..

    here is wat i m doin...i have installed openSSH frm cydia and i m usin winscp as scp/sftp client to transfer... i m doin the following steps...which i guess are correct...

    Tunes method (.ipa):

    This method requires replacing a framework file on your iPhone, but makes the installation of apps very easy:

    How to install ‘modified’ IPA’s:

    1) SSH into your phone, navigate to the folder: “/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework”
    NOTE: MobileInstallation.framework is a FOLDER!
    2) Backup the file “MobileInstallation” from the directory above.
    NOTE: Rename it to MobileInstallation.bak
    3) Download this patched file
    4) Copy the patched file into the “/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework”
    NOTE: MobileInstallation.framework is a FOLDER!
    5) Set permissions to that new file to 775
    6) Navigate to “/private/var/mobile/”
    7) Set permissions to the folder “Applications” to 777
    NOTE: make sure reclusive is checked (meaning it sets all files within the folder to 777)
    8) Navigate into the “/private/var/mobile/applications/ folder
    9) Create a “Documents” folder in the “/private/var/mobile/applications/” folder.
    10) Set the permission to 777
    11) Navigate to the root level.
    12) Navigate into the “/applications/” folder.
    13) Create a “Documents” folder in the “/applications/” folder. Set permission to 777
    12) Reboot your iPhone - IMPORTANT! Otherwise Apps will not install!
    13) Restart iTunes
    14) Download one OFFICIAL App from the app store, if you haven’t already.
    Note: Free app are fine. Just needs to be an OFFICIAL App.

    To install .ipa apps, simply double click them and sync them with your iphone

    this is a 'readme' which i have been followin to make the trd party apps wrk on my iphone but i m not able to...wat will be recommended...i have tried these steps thrice...can i uninstall openSSH and do these steps again...or this has got something to do with permission settings i m completely clueless..

    please help !!!

    i m on iphone 2g
    firmware 2.01

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    please helppppp

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    have you tried to restart ur iphone, restart your computer and re sync
    also check for updates

    i had the same problem last week and a restart + resync worked like a charm

    ALSO the entire problem ur having is probably due to permissions


    Cracked App Store Games and Apps

    Updated: 8:10pm 8/015/08 - for cracked .ipa’s go here [There are A LOT more .ipa's then .app's

    How to guide:

    1. You need to be on jailbroken 2.0 with Cydia installed. (If on a Mac use PwnageTool and if on Windows use WinPwn)

    2. Now install OpenSSH. Click on Cydia and then click Install(Sections)>Networking>OpenSSH then click Install>Confirm (if you get a running out of disk space error click ‚€œok‚€Ě) Then click close window. Now click on the home button.

    3. Now log into WinSCP (if you dont know how watch this) The first time you try to login you may get a connection timeout error, click retry and it should work. If you still get an error reboot your iPod/iPhone and try again.

    4. Create a folder called Documents in /var/mobile/ and set permission to 777

    5. Create a folder called Documents in the /Applications folder and set permissions to 777. This will fix the Disk Full error message seen when launching the game.

    ---------Note: You will only need to create these two Documents folders once---------

    6. Now download the game you want

    7. Extract the folder to your desktop

    8. Copy the .app folder (example into /Applications via SSH and set it to 755 (When you set the permission ‚€œoctal‚€Ě to 755 make sure you set it to the files inside the folder. Double click on the .app folder. Hold the shift key and left click on the last file on the bottom - all the files should now be selected. Now right click on a file, then select properties and type in 755 then ok.)

    9. Reboot iPod Touch or iPhone - UPDATE: Install Respring from Cydia so you do not need to reboot your iPhone or iPod Touch each time you install a new cracked app or game. This will reboot your springboard which only takes seconds, so you no longer need to wait for your iPhone or iPod to reboot.

    I nor my host will be held responsible for anything. I do feel like Apple should have given us a demo of the game before spending $10. So think of this as your free demo you never got if you like the game or App BUY it!

    FOR IPA FILES just change extension to zip or rar and extract

    also please take the link for "the file" u need to replace out coz its against forum rules
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