Howto to promote your AppStore Apps - Rules thread - READ FIRST!
Welcome to the AppStore subforum.

This forum is open to anyone and you are welcome to discuss Appstore apps or list your favourite apps.

Commercial promotion of Appstore apps is allowed provided you follow some simple guidelines.

Also anyone commercially promoting their app is welcome to make a small donation towards the site's development. This is no must but would be really nice to show your support and help us paying daily costs.

This forum is intended for iOS Appstore applications. Web apps or apps that are sold via Cydia have their own sections and should not be posted here.

Please mark your threads as following:

Title starts with ADV:
  • The first post in the thread MUST include a link that opens iTunes and takes the user directly to your app. This link cannot be URL shortened or obfuscated in any way.
  • Only one thread per app (if you have a lite version and a full version of the same app, it would be best to promote these in the same thread)
  • Only bump the thread when there is a significant change to announce (for example a price change, a major new release with significant new features or a critical crashing bug fix)
  • Other links to your app/company website and youtube videos demonstrating the app are permitted.

The following activities may result in your threads being removed and/or an account ban.

  • Creating multiple threads for one application
  • Creating threads in another section promoting an AppStore application
  • Bumping existing threads unnecessarily
  • Repeatedly ignoring the posting rules for this subforum.