Hi all -

I've read many posts in order not to waste anyone's time. I'm looking to see if there is any oversights I might have made in deciding how to set up my ATV and digital movie library. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, any thoughts about how to make my process easier, that'd be great, or any criticisms about my plan I'd like to hear those too. Cheers

So I studied abroad in China and needless to say I could get any DVD for 1 USD. My plan from there was to convert those said DVDs into the appropriate itunes format. After I' have done the converting I was planning on storing all the movies on an external 2 or 4 TB hard drive. I want to keep my music and pictures on my laptop but all video content on those external drives.

From there I was just going to stream my content to the ATV. I know my laptop would have to be open and connected to the hard drives for it to work but I thought this was a pretty fair straight forward process. I've started the converting process, I've copied the album art and descriptions off line (I pasted the descriptions in the 'comments' section because I read that's how you get them to show up on ATV). I've also changed the 'media type' for my TV shows to 'TV Shows' so that they show up under the appropriate section on ATV.

I can't really think of anything else. Would it be better to just connect my ATV to those hard drives? I thought about that but I'd really like it if my movies showed up under 'My Movies' section on my ATV.