I have an Apple tv and some videofiles (mp4)! I have edit each videofile with MetaX and added a description, director, year, cover and so on, these files are included in each mp4 file! Iīve tried to sync them with itunes but the problem is, if you disconnect your itunes library with the Apple TV, all videos are deleted! Thatīs really a big problem on the aTV and itunes!

So must find a other solution and start my XBMC! I want to add my videos to XBMC but the problem is I donīt want to connect to IMDB or anything else! I want to see my files with the meta tags which I have added!
Is it possible or is the only way to scan the files with IMDB or other movie database?

I want a really organized media library and want to use my video files with my own meta data!
It should look as on the picture

Anybody can help?