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Discuss [USB] Drive Hacks to Read Divx ? at the AppleTV 1 -; Hi guys, I'm new to the AppleTV world but I'm loving it so far. I've ...
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    Default [USB] Drive Hacks to Read Divx ?

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the AppleTV world but I'm loving it so far. I've ripped my entire DVD collection via Handbrake stored them on my mini with an external HD. I've been reading about enabling USB hard drives on the ATV and adding codecs.

    I've got a bunch of avi files and I was planning on using Visual Hub to convert all my avi's to mpeg4s that I could add to iTunes and have them all nicely sorted, etc.

    What I am wondering is, if I add the DIVX codecs to the ATV and add USB support what does it do with my ATV interface? How does it display the avi's when I connect my external HD? Will I be able to have them display in the appropriate sections e.g., "My TV Shows"? Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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    First off, there's no need to convert the avi's to mp4, just load the Perian codec pack and the ATV will play the avi's.

    If you load the ATVFiles plug-in, it will add a "Files" menu to the main level of the ATV. Drilling into that will give you a "Movies" (I think) menu, and Places. The Movies submenu simply lets you traverse the /Users/frontrow/Movies directory (so if you wanted to mount volumes on a remote smb or nfs server, simply mount them to this directory), and Places will show you all of the volumes that are mounted locally (i.e. your external USB drive).

    Very slick and simple. The only other thing needed for USB support is to load the drivers and files needed to support the various drive formats (ntfs, fat32, etc), which are really just the ones from Mac OS 10.4.8 (I believe, might be 10.4.7).




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