Hi everyone,

I've been trying since last night to update from 1.1 to 2.0 and can't seem to get it to work. I select update from Apple TV settings and it downloads the update. Once completed, I select Update now and begins the process and starts to fill-in the progress bar, then shortly it states that the Update failed and asks to press the menu button. I do so and I am greeted by 3 choices: Diagnostics (which I've run about 3 times now and everything comes back okay); Restart (which I've done as well and only reboots the device); Factory Restore (which I did 2 times and only restores the device back to factory defaults).

I can't get the update to work at all. Aside from that, the device works perfectly fine, without any issues. My DSL line is 6mbps and works very well. The Apple TV is connected via Wifi (802.11n) and that's fast too, so I really don't know how to resolve it,

If anyone can help me out and at least point me in the right direction, I'd gladly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!