I am using a 8GB flash drive, I plan on using a 500 GB in the future, but for now the 8GB suites my needs. Trying to make a itunes server out of this, its more for fun. I followed the instructions on mark-up.com. I installed 10.4.5 on drive. Upgraded to 10.4.8. Turned on the specific sharing preffs. Replaced kernel. Replaced boot.efi. Ran sudo bless, as the site shows, in exact same code as they have it posted. Then I patched the AppleFileSystemDrive, using TextWrangler. Inputed code as shown. partitioned the drive, added the new partition, exactly like the site shows. Then I plugged into apple TV, only for it to repeatedly boot on white screen with gray apple over and over again. Suggestions? Should I install ssh first? Am i missing something? I believe I have apple tv software version, 3. something, I know its updated all the way. Thanks.