I've just suceeded in activitating the AFP network services in nitoTV Take2 on my ATV running 3.0.2 in order to access the videos stored on my NAS (a Synology DS108j), however the results are much worse than watching the same video from iTunes on a Mac on the same network.

I guess that there are two possible problems:
a) the Synology DS108j is just not fast enough to stream to the AppleTV
(however it streams OK to any of the four Macs)
b) nitoTV is displaying the video less efficiently than the ATV default player

Most of my videos are sampled to AppleTV format from Handbrake or Elgato's eyeTV software.

I could just import all the videos into iTunes on one of the Macs, but that would be an undesirable compromise in my household.

Any suggestions or advice for resolving this ?

Thanks in advance