Hello all.

I read there was a way to make a patchstick to install python but the author stated explicitly that they were not going to post any files or guides on it but did provide a link to a blog with instructions that had been taken down (to my dismay).

If anyone in the community would be able to help with this I would be so happy . I can't run python scripts in XBMC without it. I have looked at the awkward TV instructions and there are a few iffy bits that cannot simply be followed to the letter. This and the files are not provided and I am a little reluctant to mess with files and dmg images that might not work and potentially do more harm than good. Also I am on a PC and having all kinds of hell mounting almost all of the DMG files I want to get files out of.

I am actually shocked that python doesn't come standard with ATV XBMC install as it opens up a world of potential for the application.

So, why not be the first to make a step by step guide with a file package that contains all the required files and only needs a patchstick or ssh to the letter instructions and provided files and remove the tedious file extraction process and repacking.

For technically savvy people with no Mac and SSH experience, the introduction of any uncertainty in the process makes life difficult.

Are any champions out there willing to help with this... I am actually shocked that in my hours and hours of searching the net no one has done anything about this (that I was able to find).

Such a shame that the guy with the patchstick solution was unwilling to share and the original guy yanked it from the net because I believe the solution was not GNU compliant (probably got warned to remove it).