Old Slow Mac Minis that are or can be made equivalent of Apple TV 1 + Crystal HD?

I love my ATV1 + Crystal HD XBMC setup. A Mac Mini that can be made or is equivalent of ATV1 + Crystal HD?

I am wondering which Mac Mini (how old or new of a Mac Mini Model) could do the same / be equivalent with or without the Crystal HD?

Which of the older Mac Minis (with or without Crystal HD) can work as well as at HTPC Group 3 EQUIVALENT as per Eskro's rating system i.e. ATV1+Crystal HD Card?

Something less powerful or not as new but EQUIVALENT to play the Group 3 stuff would be good enough. So which MacMini hardware can it go down to?

How far down the Mac Mini line can we go?

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Group #3
* HDTV possess HDMI ports
* wants to play SD movies (DivX, XviD)
* wants to play DVD movies
* wants to play 720P movies
* wants to play 1080P movies
* wants to stream 1080P Hulu content

Best Served By?
* AppleTV1 + Broadcom Crystal HD
(sole way for playing 1080P via purely Component HDTV's)
(Hulu requires Bluecop's XBMC Hulu add-on or the use of a Linux distro)
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The objective is to be as powerful as this for playing movies from a NAS.