I had really hoped that CrystalBuntu would have worked without needing an Internet connection after I downloaded the huge file on my iPhone and went into terminal on my PPC Mac to create the USB stick. It worked like a charm until needing a file online and didn't completely boot. On my PPC Mac I am not online which again poses problems with ATV bootloader which needs an Internet connect to get a.dmg file. The newer version is only intel Mac. Does anyone know if either 1: is there a decent hack that requires no Internet connection (iphone download)ithat I can create on a USB drive or
2: can I hack a Lion bootable usb drive as per oxfeedbeef OS X revised Mach kernal ?
AirFlick seemed my first simplest choice but no ATV 1 support. I don't require anything real special just want to hopefully add VLC or similar app and import .avi files for playback. Installing an Ubuntu or Mac OS seem a bit more than I need but I'd certainly try the OSX deal.