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Discuss no luck installing ssh w/ kerberos from 10.4.9 via linux at the AppleTV 1 -; Hi all, I have been pulling my hair out trying to install SSH . My ...
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    Default no luck installing ssh w/ kerberos from 10.4.9 via linux

    Hi all,

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to install SSH.

    My ATV hack was done via a patchstick that installs dropbear, not openSSH. (ATVUSB-Creator). Everything works fine that way, but I would like to replace dropbear w/ openSSH (for various reasons, mainly because I want to tweak options in sshd_config that I can't or don't know how to tweak in dropbear).

    Many times have I followed the instructions to install ssh on AwkwardTV, but without success (i.e., I can only get ssh protocol 1 working, not protocol 2).

    Here is what I have done:

    1: Factory restore ATV

    2: Update ATV to 2.4

    3: Patch ATV (install dropbear and XBMC/Boxee Launcher).
    --confirm that ssh works--protocol 2 ok

    4: Follow instructions exactly from AwkwardTV.
    Remove the dropbear binaries in /usr/bin and /etc, remove the dropbear plist file from /System/Library/LaunchDaemons, and remove related dropbear files. Shutdown-restart.
    --using sshd, kerberos, etc. from 10.4.9 Intel update
    --recall that I'm on linux, no Mac available
    --confirm that ssh -1 works, but not ssh -2

    5. Re-do steps 1-4, but don't install kerberos from 10.4.9, as it's already in /System/Library/Frameworks --as suggested as an alternative in AwkwardTV wiki's how-to.
    --confirm that ssh -1 works, but not ssh -2

    6. Extensive googling, forum-searching, etc. to find possible solutions, but no luck.

    Three potentially useful pieces of information are:

    1. ATV software is 2.4
    2. After ssh install, when I sftp -1 into frontrow@appletv.local, I get an error message telling me that sshd-keygen-wrapper was not found at /usr/lib/openssh. So, I tried putting a copy of it there, and then I could sftp in.
    3. After doing all this, if I remove the ssh.plist file in LaunchDaemons, replace the dropbear plist file there, and replace the dropbear binaries etc., then reboot or shutdown/restart, it is still sshd rather than dropbear that is listening. That is, I can ssh -1 but not ssh -2. I don't know if this has to do with files left over from the ssh authentication or what, but in any case sshd apparently launches itself (?) even without the ssh.plist file in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons.

    So you can see, I hope, what has made me to turn you y'all for advice. If you have any, please let me know.


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    Using Darwin's OpenSSH is a far far easier way to install OpenSSH. Unfortunately, the iso file seems to be taken down and no mirrors have it any longer. I don't have the bandwidth to host the file, but if someone out there does, this would be beneficial to the community. From what I know of the license (APSL and the like), there is no issue with distributing the unmodified iso file.

    Anyway, if you managed to find the darwin iso file, what you want is: Install SSH - AwkwardTV I've tried the kerberos route before, ran into a bunch of hell, and I have a mac from which I can pull binaries. I found using the binaries from Darwin to be far less painful.

    The install is essentially, mount the iso, copy over the archive, untar it in /, edit the config file so OpenSSH is enabled (it is disabled by default), reboot. There are only two gotchas. The first is the archives are compressed with bzip2, and the ATV doesn't come with bzip2 (though you can install the bzip2 archive and then tar will happily use it). The solution to that is to unbzip2 the file before you transfer it, and give you said you run linux, this should be trivial. The second is you need to edit one of the files (config file). You could either install vim, or you could transfer the config file to your machine, edit, and transfer back.

    Anyway, hope this helps out some.



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