Since upgrading atv to v3.0.1 and nitoTV to 0.8.2 the Applications menu will no longer open the Applications folder. I get the "boop" sound, but no open App folder. I can go to Files>OSBoot>Applications and launch an app from there though, but with some problems. When I quit it, I get An error occurred - Press play/pause to restart your Apple TV, whereupon I just shell in and kill the Finder.

I should note that I created my new patchstick for v3.0.1 from atvusb-creater. I also removed its installed

And, not related to the above, but a separate question:
I use my atv to access all of my media via afp mounts. On my computer I dual boot Debian and OSX. If I reboot my computer while the atv has drives mounted, is there a shell command to restart the afp service on the atv to clear the old mounts and remount them? Right now, I reboot the atv, which is less than ideal.

Thanks for any suggestions.