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Discuss newly aquired hacked ATV, need to unhack/rehack at the AppleTV 1 -; ok, so i just got a hacked ATV. i'm new to this, and have been ...
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    Default newly aquired hacked ATV, need to unhack/rehack

    ok, so i just got a hacked ATV. i'm new to this, and have been doing a lot of looking around, but there is a lot of dated info, and it's very difficult to get a clear answer, so i'm gonna ask!

    anyway, i've got a first gen 40 gig ATV, running ATV 2.1, boxee, xbmc, nito, and some emulators show up, couch surfer, and a few other things. i want to get the emulators working, i'd love to get external storage working. firefox is on the nito menu, but won't work. i'm really having a hard time figuring out USB storage, which is a big must have for me.

    i'm thinking at this point, i need to reset everything, update, and rehack. i'd also like to find a clear way to upgrade this in the future. could i just (once i'm done tinkering with it) image the drive to another larger one (the 360(?) gig PATA one) later on, and replace it?

    for now though, i just need to unhack, update, and rehack. could i just set it back to factory defaults in the main menu, then run a new patchstick?

    any help is very much appreciated!

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    Generally.. yes you can just restore it to factory defaults then start again with a new patchstick.

    The two problems with this approach are:

    1. Apple shipped different versions of ATV OS on the factory restore partition. So.. the iOS version you restore to could be 1.0, 1.1 or even 2.x
    2. Apple doesn't offer older versions of ATV OS for download any more, so you might not be able to update to 2.1 again.

    To achieve the most out of your ATV, you need an image of the an ATVOS 1.0 recovery partition from an ATV, this might already be in the Documents folder of your ATV (nito TV expects it to be there)
    I would recommend you look for this and if it is exists, back it up to another computer before you do a factory restore.
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