Hello everyon,

First off, this forum has helped me a lot for my apple tv. Keep up the good job!!!!

Secondly, Im new in posting in forums. So ill just tell you guys my problem with my apple tv.

I have a PC that has all my media files and i have enabled my file sharing on it. My PC connects to the internet thourgh a wireles card.

My Router is in the other room connected to a modem not connected to any PC.

My ATV is connected to the router through ethernet cable. I used this setup because i presume that data will travel faster if connected through ethernet vx wireless connection.

I would like to acces my file on the PC through NITO Tv but i couldn't seem to mount it. I've already tried this method
AwkwardTV Community & Forums • View topic - nitoTV: NETWORK MOUNT in Windows using SMB

And still didn't work.

I have already installed
Nito Tv
Smart Installer
Turbo's Kextloader

And I'm Running on ATV 2.3.0

Thank you guys in advance