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Discuss NAS Files in 'My Movies' at the AppleTV 1 -; I just got a 1st generation Apple TV and I love it. Since I have ...
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    Default NAS Files in 'My Movies'

    I just got a 1st generation Apple TV and I love it. Since I have a fairly small drive inside (80GB), I would like to get the mp4/m4v files to appear in 'My Movies' but only reside on my NAS. Some of the 3rd party tools get close to doing this, but they add more menus and it just does not look as sleek as the built-in functionality. So, I decided to do the next best thing and do it myself...

    My Plan:
    The 'Media Library' file seems to be the key to the whole process. I need to get my meta-data inside there, but have the data on my NAS. Simple enough... Sync the files from iTunes to the Apple TV. Once there, map the cryptic-apple-file-names to real ones, and change the files to links pointing to the NAS-based files. Since the media files themselves are fairly large and will be effectively deleted when I use links, lets speed up the process with blank mini-files whose sole purpose is to bring the tag data into the 'Media Library' file.

    My Solution:
    Yes, I did it... sort of. I wrote some code that will pull tag data from each of my NAS-based mp4/m4v files and put it into a 10-second blank template video. It grabs all necessary tag data to display nicely on the ATV menus (even cover art). I then take these template files and load them into iTunes and sync them to my Apple TV. Amongst other things, this process converts the readable file names to the cryptic-apple-file names on the ATV. Now, I have the tag information in the 'Media Library' file on the ATV. By leveraging some MD5 checksums, I then search the 'Media Files' folder and replace the template files with links back to the correct files on my mounted NAS. Make sense?? It may sound confusing, it is really now just a matter of the user running 3 simple commands and done.

    My Problem:
    All of that works great, EXCEPT for 2 problems:
    1. The cover-art appears at first, but gets lost on a Finder restart or system reboot.
    2. The correct files play when selected, but only for 10 seconds. For some reason, the 10-second timeframe on the template file is applied to the movie playback process and the ATV thinks the movie is over when it is not.

    Does anyone have any idea how to resolve the two problems I am having??

    All of my work is freely available to anyone that wants it at: Please help yourself. I only ask that you provide comments/feedback/changes. Oh, and keep in mind that I am no super-uber programmer and it is probably not the most efficient code.
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