I'm new to this forum and have tried to search for an answer but could not find anything, so hopefully I'm not asking for something that was answered before..

I had my Appletv running fine with version 3 of the OS and an external HDD to hold my Itunes content. Recently I was starting to run out of space on the HDD so I swapped in a bigger HDD and now Itunes does not show the content on the Appletv correctly anymore. It syncs fine and copies over new content from my mac but if I click on the appletv in Itunes it only shows the photos content. It thinks there is no music or movies on the appletv. However, they do appear on the appletv itself.

I applied the patchstick and nitotv patches to get the external HDD to work. Then I created a symbolic link Media to my external HDD for Itunes to see it.
When replacing the HDD, I first reverted to the old Media directory on the build-in HDD in the appletv, attached the new drive, rebooted, copied over the contents of the build-in Media directory to the external HDD and recreated the symbolic link.

I was wondering if someone has seen this problem and/or knows how to fix it?

Thanks much!