I had hacked my Apple TV under 2.02 and when the new update came out, I updated. After the reboot, I noticed my Apple TV couldn't see my Mac that it was previously synced with.

I tried a few things and nothing worked. So I went and restored my Apple TV. Still iTunes can't see my Apple TV.

I've tried a number of restores and still nothing.

I went ahead and hacked it again with SSH and when I log into it I don't see anything out of ordinary.

I tried killing mDNSResponder and saw this in syslog:

Tue Dec 2 04:32:28 AppleTV [-1] <Error>: 20:38)[199]: starting
Tue Dec 2 04:32:29 AppleTV mDNSResponder[-1] <Error>: Adding browse domain local.

Anyone have any ideas how to get my Apple TV to be seen by iTunes?