Hi, noob here.

Been OSX convert for many years now but just recently began 'hacking' my apple stuff.

first attempt, i buggered my iphone but thats another story.

last night I tried to install PATCHSTICK on my Apple TV (with latest update from apple). I opted for the freebie patchstick that installs SSH, XBMC etc. The usb drive created fine, I booted from it on the aTV fine. It ran through the install fine, telling me to power down the aTV unit to finish.

I restarted it (with usb drive removed) and there is no difference, no new menus.

Am I missing something?

Also, out of curiousness I held down the MENU and - buttons for a few seconds and my aTV went off, then it came back on and wasn't outputting a picture. oo-er have i fudged it?