I recently purchased a hacked apple tv that had a 750gb hd installed, I use it for boxee usage and using Nito TV to watch avi files that I ftp to the unit and watch. When I purchased the past user left about 300 older movies on it...some of these are great older movies but some I just wanna free up space on unit for more avi files etc to watch thru Nitotv.

1. I have not sync'd with my IMAC itunes but want to delete several of the movies but leave some of them on it.
2. Is there anyway I can delete some (I found the mp4 files on the \mnt\Media\"f folders" on the unit
3. aside from viewing those via cover preview and being able to determine which movie is which then delete, is there a way to then remove the "movie info" from the "my movies" after deleting one of these files ?

thanks for any replies in advance....