About a year ago i was going to buy apple Tv, but after talking to the staff in there store, i was told they can only play back formats that iTunes supports, meaning you couldn't play back any of the avi and divx movies i have on my external hard drive which really sucked meaning it was pointless for me.

But a year later i come across a forum post on how to hack your apple tv so i've run out grabbed one. I have so many questions, I have OS 3.0 installed.

At the moment i have Boxee installed, which seems some what sluggish, and i've noticed some of the app's don't work Joost for example nothing plays, is this because of OS 3.0 being installed? On the plus side i like some of the features on Boxee and it supports all the formats for play back.

Apple's design is much better i would love for my movie to be able to come up in there front row, but i don't want to have to change the format of everyone, i also have all my movie on a external hard drive and they would need to be read from there like Boxee does.

Also if i can't do this with hack to apples front row, is there anything better then boxee out there, i heard there is one you have to pay for is that any better? also whats the must have hacks, i want everything...

Anything where i can watch NBA, i leave in LONDON, UK.

thanks please enlighten me, and if you tell me of a hack that would be great if you could post a link to how to install it i would really like to know everything possible i can do, make the most of this box.