Hi can I ask you if you have managed to get any airplay mirroring or playback software to run on the hacked apple tv? I havnt found anything that will run yet like airserver or airplayer



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I decided to buy a ATV in November to throw OSX on, and only now, after countless hours of research and tweaking, have it 95% working like a real Mac. Luckily, the list of what is not working is llimited to only three items right now:

1. 3D acceleration (QE/CI) when using the HDMI port. However, when using component this does work. Keep in mind, that even Chess will not run without QE/CI...

2. Status light always is blinking. However, you can "fix" that by opening the case up an cover the LED with tape.

3. VERY (emphasis on very) poor performance when running apps in Rosetta, as the processor lacks SSE3, and this is emulated in the hacked kernel. So limit yourself to Universal Apps only.

Things that will need to be patched/fixed after the OSX.4.11 install:

Audio (see post below for solution)

Graphics (Delete all nvidia kexts as instructed by the install tutorials only if using HDMI. Otherwise, leave 10.4.11 kexts alone to get QE/CI)

Ethernet - search for PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext

Apple System profiler will crash - Patch located here:
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System time has a bad drift due to hacked kernel. If you need (somewhat) accurate system time, you will need to set up a cron script to call the ntp update daemon at desired intervals (I have mine set at 2 minutes)

Disk Images do not load correctly. Need to call this terminal command to fix:
sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/IOHDIXController.kext
I have just created a executable script to run and placed it in my dock to avoid this process. It's a good workaround.

As you can see, this is not for the time-limited or faint of heart. But with work, it makes a good machine.

Words of warning:

Leopard does not work, and probably never will.

Bootcamp will not work. Windows will never be able to run (because of lack of BIOs emulation layer)
Parallels/VMWare does run, but keep in mind the limited amount of RAM this machine has.

There is no power switch. Go buy yourself one of those remote light switches, and use that to power on and off the box.

The ATV runs hotter than you could ever imagine (almost too hot to touch). Give it lots of space for circulated air.

Well, I think that is all for now. Should you have any more questions, let me know.

Edit: To clarify, both WiFi and the Apple Remote work without additional work in 10.4.11