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    Default Empty drive

    Hey everyone, I have looked around and read a few posts. A couple of posts have had solutions to my issue, but everything is out of date now.

    My issue is I bought the Apple TV that was released just before this smaller black one. I think it is 2nd gen. The problem I am having is the guy I bought it off of formatted the drive. So right now there is nothing. I don't have any disks or boot flash drives.

    My question is where can I find instructions and boot files to restore my Apple TV to its factory state?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is a topic that's covering this however I did find it a little bit hard to follow at some parts.

    I've had to restore my AppleTV many times in trying to figure out what I was going to do with it now that I've got the hockey puck one. Currently it has OSX on it but I do still have all the steps I took to restore a completely empty drive to its original ATV state.

    First steps it to find the smallatv.dmg torrent file that's floating around. I don't remember where I got it from try isohunt or something, but I can guarantee it exists and has at least 1 seeder. For the method I used 2 USB thumb drives and a USB hub were required. This shouldn't be necessary with a large enough flash drive.

    Go to atvusb-creator - Project Hosting on Google Code and download the ATV USB-Creator, we'll be using it for its ATV-Bootloader feature. I'm on a Mac so if you're not, making this ATV-Bootloader might be a bit more difficult. Should be able to do it following info from here: atv-bootloader - Project Hosting on Google Code
    If you have a Mac then you just use ATV USB-Creator to make an ATV-Bootloader. If you're on Windows or Linux you'll have to manually create it from what I can see. I've done it before, it wasn't all that hard.

    Now if you've got your ATV-Bootloader flash drive made you'll need to put the smallatv.dmg (2.01 GB) onto the usbdrive. I had a 1 GB drive as the BootLoader and a 4 GB (formatted hfs) with the smallatv.dmg file on it. I just ran a test and if you have a flash drive at least 4 GB in size you can just put the smallatv.dmg file onto the bootloader flash drive and eliminate the need for a usb hub. I'll check in a bit where the PatchStick directory is stored when it's actually loaded.

    Plug your ATV-Bootloader into the appetv (or usb hub if using 2 drives). Don't put the second flash drive in the usb hub yet.

    Let the AppleTV boot up and connect to it from a computer via command line, "telnet IPADDRESS_OF_APPLETV"
    penbuntu login: root
    Password: root

    If you're using 2 flash drives insert the other flash drive into the usb hub.

    Now for the technical part that might differ a bit. Be sure to edit this to fit your needs, change /dev/sd* to whatever it is for you.

    # List active drives & partitions
    # You should see at least 3 (AppleTV hard drive, 1st usb stick, 2nd usb stick)
    parted -l

    # Now we'll mount that other flash drive so we can use it to restore the hard drive
    # Recall from above which letter is for that second drive (should be "b" or "c")
    # The 2nd hard drive was /dev/sdb for me when I attached it after booting the appletv
    # I haven't tested a restore with just 1 flash drive yet, I'll do that later on tonight and update this.
    mkdir /media/mount
    mount /dev/sd*2 /media/mount

    # Verify the contents have actually mounted. You should see smallatv.dmg
    ls /media/mount

    # This will write the contents of smallatv.dmg to the appletv's hard drive
    dd if=/media/mount/smallatv.dmg of=/dev/sda bs=1024k

    # If you don't have a 40 GB drive you'll need to do this
    # /dev/sda should be your AppleTV local drive.
    parted /dev/sda

    # Take note of Start of #4 (Mine was 1399 MB)
    # End of the last line (should also be total size of hard drive)
    print free

    # Now re-run dd command (I'm not sure if this step is needed. I'll test this again)
    dd if=/media/mount/smallatv.dmg of=/dev/sda bs=1024k

    # Now we'll change up that 4th partition
    parted /dev/sda
    rm 4
    mkpart primary hfs START END
    mkfs.hfsplus -J -v Media /dev/sda4

    Your drive should be all good now. I'm sorry if this was a bit confusing, but I know it has worked for me. Sure the smallatv.dmg contains AppleTV OS 2.0 or something older like that, so you'll need to do an update to get it up to 3.0.2.

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    If you use a Mac, check this out. AtvDrive - AwkwardTV



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