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    Default can't connect via wireless

    i can use my appletv if i connect to my home lan via an inconvenient 30-foot ethernet cable, but i can't connect via wireless.

    i disconnect the ethernet cable, go to settings--->general--->configure wireless, and the appletv then offers the name of my network, i click it, the screen shows a search for about 5 minutes, then shows failed to connect and gives up.

    yet my laptop, my daughter and son's laptops, and the laptops of any guest at our house connect immediately via dhcp (no password), within a few feet of the appletv box. no laptop fails to connect immediately.

    is there any way to get the appletv to recognize the signal from my airport extreme?

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    Hi, I'm more of a lurker in the forum since I tend to come here to look for useful information. Your problem is apparently not uncommon -- there's a lot about in the "official" Apple forums, so you may want to search there if you haven't already.

    I DID experience this problem and here's what worked for me -- change your access point's "Beacon Interval" setting to a lower number -- 50 or so. The default is typically 100. Most access points put this in an "advanced" menu somewhere. I use a Linksys unit, not an AirPort base station, so I can't tell you exactly where to find this setting.

    It appears that the AppleTV tends to let it's wireless connection time-out too quickly. When it needs to be accessed again, it spends too much time re-establishing a connection and often fails to re-connect gracefully. Then you get caught in an endless cycle of reboot, reconnect (and re-authenticate, if your wireless network is "hidden" by not broadcasting its SSID.)

    Lowering the beacon interval value seems to help because the wireless access point announces itself more frequently. The AppleTV has a shot attention span, and this basically has the effect of telling it "Pay Attention!" often enough to keep it from forgetting what network it needs to stay connected to.

    Also, please note that wireless connectivity in the 5GHz band was "Broken" in a combination of AirPort updates and AppleTV firmware 3.0. I believe Apple has fixed this, but you may want to make sure where you stand on update levels.



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