I'm running BackRow 2.0.2 (ATV4MAC)on an Intel Mac Mini with a dead IR port. I bought a Manta and Mira which seem to work on their own pretty good, but they don't seem to control BackRow. I have run Brandon Holland's IREmu kext, and BackRow responds to keypresses, but for some reason, setting the remote via Mira to those keypresses doesn't do anything. Incidentally, I can't seem to control BackRow via VNC either. Also, Mira/Manta seem to control the original FrontRow just fine (using the same profile/keypresses macros).

Anyone have a suggestion as to why BackRow would be ignoring the keypresses sent via Mira/Manta? I'm wondering if it's a priority issue? If the fact that I can't control BackRow via VNC has anything to do with it.