Ive hit a snag, updated the aTV with apple update 1.1 and done all the usual patchstick stuff..

Ive got a problem with NFS mounts.

I have an iMac with an NFS share on it, and a Vista PC with NFS share on it.
the aTV can mount the Vista NFS Share no problem, but it cannot mount the OSX NFS Share.. I just get the error "mount_nfs: bad MNT RPC: RPC: Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak"

tried using the command:
sudo -u root mount_nfs -P /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Movies/imac

Interestingly if I boot the aTV up from an external OSX USB Boot drive (one I made before the Patchstick) and open up a terminal it CAN mount the NFS share without problem.. So its something linked to the aTV 1.1 software, maybe there is something in the kernel that is no longer linked? a kext thats needed?

this was all working fine with the original aTV OS V1.0

Ive been discussing this over on AwkwardTV forums, but so far no one has much idea whats going on...

best of all would be to find someone with OSX 10.4.10 NFS Shares that are mounted onto an aTV running 1.1 software without problems, who could give me some details on thier config... :-)