Hi guys,

recently I update my ATV to the newest version: 3.0.1. I used nito's p0wnage tool to do this. I installed some plugins, AFP and Samba.

Each time I unplug the power cord, the ATV doesn't boot any more. It just shows me the grey apple, forever. I think this is some kind of LSOD - but I've never actually waited that long to see the login box.
To cure this, I simply followed the orders in the wiki page: http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/LSOD.

The strange thing is: my OSBoot is mounted read-only, not read-write. So actually this shouldn't happen at all. This forces me to always use a "shutdown -h" script.

frontrow@'s password: 
-bash-2.05b$ sudo mount
/dev/disk0s3 on / (local, read-only, journaled)
devfs on /dev (local)
fdesc on /dev (union)
<volfs> on /.vol
/dev/disk0s4 on /mnt (local, journaled)
Is there any solution to this problem? Do some of you have this problem as well?

br, ash