I'm suffering from a variety of strange symptoms with my AppleTV (running 2.2). I'm running it headless, with VNC set up. Its otherwise running mostly unmodified. In the beginning, everything seemed to be going quite well, but lately its been acting up quite a bit. It started when I noticed the HD thrashing a way quite a bit, despite the fact that I hadn't so much as pinged it in days. The HD would continue on for several minutes.

The latest weirdness is as I'm trying to VNC in to it. VNC is coming up with just a black screen. So I SSH in, reboot the machine, and then restart the VNC server and connect with screen sharing. The backrow menu comes up normally, and I use the remote to navigate around, but then the screen appears to freeze. Closing and reconnecting just gives me the black screen again. SSHing in seems fine still.

And just now, after I just did a "sudo reboot", I'm trying to SSH in once again, and its now telling me "Connection refused".

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?