Okay so I saw that video over on youtube showing mario playing away on an AppleTV and while pretty cool it failed to answer the question as to HOW did the game get run?

Was FrontRow 2 quit and then an emulator run (via 'double click' or whatever) **or** was FrontRow still running and just by using the remote did the game get launched?

I'm assuming it was the slightly less impressive way is how things worked.

- Quit out of FR2
- Used mouse to find and launch emulator
- Play game
- Quit game
- Used mouse to relaunch FR2

Question I have is... has anyone found a way to run another application 'on top of' FR2 and regain control of the keyboard and mouse (or game controller) and then quit that other app and return to FR2 without skipping a beat?

Thinking about this I just realized we're only talking about 256MB in the AppleTV but what about people who are playing around with running FR2 on their Intel mac minis or macbooks (etc) where more memory and having the full os x isn't such an issue.

I've been using that simple file plugin (from over at awkardtv) to mock up a really cool MAME interface and I gotta say it really looks COOL (I'd dare say "Awesome Dude!" if I didn't think it would reveal my age :lol - it's too bad I can't get any further than a mockup...

Hmmm maybe it's time to dust off my (limited) cocoa developer skills...

If anyone hears / reads anything new on this front please post it here.