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Discuss [AppleTV] Booting Mac OS X [n00b] at the AppleTV 1 -; Okay so this is my first post in the Apple TV modding community. I recently ...
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    Default [AppleTV] Booting Mac OS X [n00b]

    Okay so this is my first post in the Apple TV modding community. I recently decided that I would like to have a Mac for basic things such as running pwnage for my iphone and many other simple tasks that often specifically require a Mac. And since the Apple TV is the cheapest option... here I am.

    Personally I don't care about the warranty so opening it up is an option, but due to the obvious increase in difficulty I would avoid this as much as possible, although I have hardware unlocked my iPhone so this can't possibly be more challenging than that.

    Is there anywhere where I can find a pre-made USB thunb drive image that I can just copy onto my thumb drive and just stick it into an Apple TV and have it boot to OS X. the reason I ask is because I read some of the tutorials and they all say that you need another mac computer to prepare your thumb drive. I don't have a Mac so if anyone knows of a way to get around this I would appreciate it. And also if anyone knows what the best and most current tutorial/method is for running Mac OS X on an Apple TV I would greatly appreciate a link.


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    Hi 4n7hr4x,

    I read your posts in the iPhone forum and wanted to point you to the Apple TV forum, but you found it by yourself. :-)

    To clarify, first what you don't need, to get the Apple TV modified:

    - open the case
    - an OS X Mac
    - pay money

    Someone pointed you already to the right tools, but you probably overread.

    The steps are:

    1. prepare a patch stick
    2. boot from it and have ssh installed
    3. log in and install more

    Step 1 can be done from Windows. Although the stick needs to be HFS+, you can write a pre-made image using dd to the memory stick.



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