hi, ive got an lexmark c500n which since the upgrade to leopard only supports printing over appletalk which is a bit annoying since my wifi router doesnt support forwarding appletalk over wifi - so I always have to plug an ethernet cable.

I was wondering if the appletv supports appletalk and printing and if I could maybe do the following setup:

lexmark c500n printer hooked up via network cable to router and from there to the appletv also by network cable. lexmark intel 10.4 printing drivers installed on appletv, printer added over appletalk and then shared from the appletv back to the network.

so its down to the following questions:
does the appletv support appletalk (on en0)?
does the appletv support printing?
does the appletv support printersharing via bonjour (IPP)?

any input appreciated, before I spend the next weeksends trying to get this work. (and finding out after a month that theres a simple nogo, so I wasted my time)