Heyloo - I've just bought an AppleTV and put OS X on it (using one of my many blank hard drives I have lying around). I need some advice, though.

1.) The resolution. I've seen screenshots of people's AppleTV's running at the correct resolution, but not mine. It runs at 720p, I believe, when I'd like it to run at 1440x900 which is standard in my LCD.

2.) Graphics. I understood that by deleting the NVidia kexts, I did delete the drivers. Is there any place where I can get the graphics to not suck as badly? Seriously. It's horrible. I can't even watch a YouTube video or a Flash cartoon without it crapping out.

3.) Sound. I've installed the Sound "fix" that adds support for the AppleTV, but the volume -sucks-. Plus, there's constantly static when I plug in headphones into my speakers.

4.) DMGs. DMGs just don't seem to want to mount.

I've also realized that with the AppleTV, when Leopard comes out in October I won't be able to update it. I've also realized that any update I do install threw Software Uodate could potentially destroy my OS X install. So, my question is this - is it worth it? Is there any fixes for my four problems? I watch movies / videos, listen to music, surf the web, and use iChat. I have a MacBook Pro for more serious stuff like movie editing. So... any fixes? Should I just, clean it up a little, put in the AppleTV's original HD and return it? I'm not in it for any worries. I just wanted a nice computer that could do some multimedia. So far, I've gotten a wee bit more then I bargined for.