Hi everyone,

Iím currently planning to buy an Apple TV 1. Generation and use it as a small home server. It should be a file-, streaming- and torrent server. I have seen a few videos about Leopard on the Apple TV and it seems to work really decent, at least as an iTunes server.
The hardware seems powerful enough, even for a 1GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM.

I could either use Linux or Mac OS X as the OS of the Apple TV. I would prefer the Apple OS, but I have a few questions.

1) Whatís the best OSX version to use? It seems that Leopard is the best right now, because I didnít find any thread about Snow Leopard or even Lion.
2) Has anyone tried to use the Apple TV as OSX server? Which serviced did you use and was the performance satisfying?
3) How can you increase the performance of OSX? I will disable all the 3d effects and animations, maybe there are more things I can do?

Thanks in advance,
Julian from Austria.